Momma Cat Who Lost Entire Litter, Rushed to Rescue Abandoned Kitten

Momma Cat Who Lost Entire Litter, Rushed to Rescue Abandoned Kitten

She lost her entire litter because she got sick just after giving birth, but one momma cat rushed to rescue an abandoned kitten – and they are now both so happy as a new family…

According to Kathy Stankiewicz, a shelter volunteer at Nevada SPCA in Las Vegas, Nevada, a very pregnant Misty was brought to the facility about a month ago. But soon after giving birth to her litter, Misty got sick with an upper respiratory infection.

The momma cat was so sick that the shelter separated her from her litter so she could receive treatment while they make sure that the kittens won’t catch the infection. She was brought to the vet for treatment while the shelter volunteers scrambled to save her kittens, trying their best to help the babies latch on and receive milk from special bottles.

The next 10 days were a big struggle for everyone. While Misty tried her best to heal, she was also constantly looking for her babies. Likewise, the kittens kept on seeking for their mom.

But the kittens were too small and also had weak immune system, possibly due to their prolonged exposure to their mom and her illness before she was brought to the shelter. Sadly, despite doing everything, the volunteers were unable to save the kittens.

When she healed from her respiratory infection, Misty remains distraught as she kept on looking for her babies.

Right about the same time, the shelter received news of a singleton rescue kitten. This kitten was rescued by a family who heard its cries outside their house but they couldn’t find her mom. The shelter thought that Misty and this kitten would be perfect for each other.

The kitten was so small, weighing just 3 oz, and he was so scared that he meowed all the from the family’s house to the rescue center.

But as soon as they entered the shelter and Misty heard the kitten’s cries, she rushed to volunteers and seemingly asked them to give her the kitten! She probably knew that this isn’t part of her litter but Misty quickly kissed the kitten and groomed it. Then, she offered the baby some milk. Awwwww.

The kitten also felt the love and stopped meowing. While it took the little tabby a long time to learn how to latch on, it eventually managed to do it.

Since he is a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark week, I named him Sunny,” Kathy said. “Misty is very protective of him, and he loves her and sees her as his true mom.



Sunny is a voracious feeder even if he doesn’t have anyone to compete with, but Misty loves him so much and simply lets him enjoy all the milk and love she could offer. Everything turned out well for this mother who lost her entire litter and this abandoned kitten…

Watch their sweet interaction here: