Meet Narnia, The Adorable “Double Face” Cat Unique Appearance That Goes Viral

cute double face cat

While you can see a purely black cat or a purely white one, most cats actually have different colors.

The pattern of their fur could look different, but there are times when nature plays tricks and makes beautiful works of art of these cats’ fur.

Double Face cat 1

Take for instance Narnia, an adorable little cat who lives in France.

A British Shorthair breed, this gorgeous cat was born in March 2017.

What makes little Narnia stand out from all the rest is that she appears to have a ‘double face’!

Double Face cat 2

Perhaps Narnia had a twin that didn’t fully develop in their mother’s tummy, and would later merge with her appearance?

Well, that’s actually quite possible.

But because she didn’t develop two heads, netizens think this is just nature playing artist in her mom’s tummy.

Double Face cat 3

Stephanie Jimenez, the proud human mommy to Narnia, treats her little kitty like her baby!

The adorable little feline actually receives a lot of comments from Stephanie’s friends and, later, netizens.

Many of them think that Narnia is one of a kind and is simply so cute.

But while Narnia looks different than most cats, she remains a cute example of nature’s handiwork.

Undeveloped twin or not, this unique cat is a masterpiece to behold.

Double Face cat 4

Some netizens are hoping they could meet Narnia in person (to also take pictures with!), while others wish they could have a pet like her.

Perhaps Stephanie could breed Narnia so the adorable little cat can have more kittens with ‘double face’ for us to adopt?

Well, that might be possible, but nature also dictates that Narnia’s offspring won’t be exactly like her!

Double Face cat 5

And just in case netizens would argue that Narnia doesn’t really exist or that her face has been edited using apps, check out this video: