Determined Orphan Kitten Wins Over Angry Foster Mom with Cuddles

Determined Orphan Kitten Wins Over Angry Foster Mom with Cuddles

A determined orphan kitten wins over his angry foster mom with cuddles, even if she always greets with hisses and growls! The adorable kitten eventually wins her heart and becomes her favorite cuddle buddy.

A stray cat was brought to Forgotten Felines of Huntsville, a rescue center in Alabama. But while they were grooming the new arrival, they were surprised to see that beneath her thick matted fur is a very huge pregnant belly!

What’s even surprising for the group is that just about 10 minutes later, she started labor. The sweet momma cat gave birth to 6 kittens. They named her Bunny.

But Bunny wasn’t producing milk, leading to problems with her litter. Foster volunteer Robyn Anderson provided supplemental feedings to this cat mom so the kittens will survive while her body heals from the stress of living in the streets for months.

Eventually, Bunny began producing milk and the supplemental feedings were stopped. At around this time, two new kittens were brought to the rescue center.

They were turned in as strays, and though they were being bottle fed, the shelter is no place for small kittens. We thought we’d see if Bunny wanted to take on another couple of kittens,” Robyn said.

But Bunny wasn’t so welcoming with the two kittens, named Clyde and Cutey. As soon as she saw the two and sniffed them out, she was snarling and hissing at them! She knew these kittens aren’t hers and has no plans of accepting them.

The kittens were more welcoming of the orphans. There was no hissing at all as they immediately played with the two. Thankfully, Bunny did not interfere with her kittens’ playtime with the orphans. But she still would not accept the two.

Cutey just gave up and simply spent most of her time with the other kittens. But Clyde was determined to win their foster mother’s heart. Though she would growl at him, he refuses to back down. He would try his best to snuggle and cuddle at her neck even if she was angry.

While Bunny would get away from her litter from time to time, perhaps finding some “me time”, Clyde wouldn’t let up. He would follow her around like her persistent biggest fan. This little kitty is determined on his mission!

With such a determined little kitty following her around, Bunny eventually melted. She even initiated nose greetings, much to Clyde’s delight! Even when Bunny’s kittens would run around and play, Clyde wouldn’t leave her side. Soon, Bunny let him snuggle up close.

Mission successful!