Owner Accidentally Ships Cat Along With DVDs 300 Miles Away From Home

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Do you think anybody can survive for 8 days without food and water? It’s doubtful, right? This heart-wrenching ordeal, unfortunately, was what a cat named Cupcake had to go through when she was accidentally shipped 300 miles away from home along with the DVDs her owner had sold online.

Ships Cat Along With DVDs 300 Miles

Cats and Boxes

For any cat owner, it is impossible not to notice the unbelievable love of cats for boxes. Give them a box and they will happily jump inside.

This may be what happened to Cupcake when her owner boxed the DVDs that were to be taken 300 miles from home to Grove Lodge Vets in West Sussex, England, to be exact.

Shock and Care

To the amazement of the recipient, she found the cat inside the box of DVDs she ordered. She was immediately sent to the vet for checking.

Ben Colwell, the vet who performed a complete health check on Cupcake, told ABC News the cat “was very scared, dehydrated and had some muscle wastage.”

Colwell also added that after 8 days of starvation, it can be expected that Cupcake becomes jaundiced. Thankfully, she wasn’t.

“Miraculously this did not occur,” he said.

She needed some treatment though.

“She needed fluid therapy for rehydration and gradual reintroduction of feeding to prevent refeeding syndrome seen after periods of starvation,” Colwell said, “and finally physiotherapy to help rebuild her muscle mass.”


Eventually, Cupcake was reunited with her owner who has been frantically looking for her since she went missing.

“They had been frantically searching for their beloved cat, putting up posters in the local area but not for one second realizing that she had been accidentally posted to an address in West Sussex, more than 260 miles away!” Grove Lodge said

“When I realized she was missing, it was the most horrible, scary feeling. We looked everywhere for her,” Baggott told the BBC. “I feel terrible about what’s happened because I put everything in the box and sealed it straight away so I don’t how she managed to get in there.”

She added: “It was a miracle because she was alive and she’s managed to survive that awful ordeal.”