People are Using Doll Beds from IKEA for Their Cats

IKEA sells small beds for kids to use for their dolls, but many cat lovers have also taken to buying these adorable furniture pieces for their cats! Cute.

Selling for around $15 a piece, the DUKTIG Doll’s Bed is a popular item at IKEA. Not only is it a great option for kids to play their dolls with but has also become a nice new place to sleep for many cats.

It was really first marketed for children’s dolls, to encourage ‘make believe’ play in kids. A lot of psychologists say that ‘make believe’ play is an important part of childhood development as the child is actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. This helps the child improve his/her emotional quotient.

What’s nice about the doll bed that’s now become popular as a cat bed, too, is that is sturdy and could easily be attached to a wall to create a layered effect that cats enjoy exploring!

I bought this cat bed from Ikea, she *loves* it. Good quality and safe (no sharp edges), raises her off the floor out of any draft. She even prefers it to the settee. We did put a plush cushion on it for her though, for comfort. Very easy to assemble. One of our best buys for her,” one happy customer wrote.

While many cats would be content with sleeping inside a box, of course, it is still so cute that this kind of bed is available for them to use. Not only can the cats sleep well on the beds that also come with tiny mattresses and bedsheets, they actually look more adorable in these beds as well. Plus, it provides them a more comfortable place to sleep on – unless your cat prefers sleeping on your bed!