Pet Cat ‘Butts in’ While Buenos Aires Governor Gives in Live Interview to Media

Most cats might seem indifferent, but many are also so clingy and always want to have your attention. Pet lovers don’t mind, of course, as they love to cuddle with their feline babies.

But things can take a hilarious turn if you’re the governor of a big city, giving a very important live interview to media, and your cat suddenly decides to butt in, quite literally! That surely becomes internet gold, eh?

Photo credit: MPQuatro Radio Online / Facebook

Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof was live on Argentine television, talking about the city’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, when his cat decided it needed some big hugs. Kicillof was ‘working from home’ at the time and his cat was definitely not so pleased that he was ignoring her, to talk to the screen to some ‘random’ person the cat didn’t know. LOL.

So, the kitty leapt to Kicillof’s lap and gave him some hugs – but that placed her butt up for all the world to see. Let’s just say that everyone got an eyeful as she ‘butts in’, literally.

Photo credit: MPQuatro Radio Online / Facebook

But Kicillof did not appear to be distracted by the cat’s presence. Though he probably did not notice that her butt is being broadcasted across Argentina, live on air at that very moment, huh? He continued talking like he was used to having this kitty disturbing him – and it actually is the truth!

On his Instagram page, the governor shared some photos of the cat trying to get his attention while he’s busy doing work from home.

Photo credit: @kicillofok / Instagram

All pet lovers out there could easily relate with the governor! With most people stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pets are puzzled by their constant presence at home and demand more attention than usual. But let’s just hope yours doesn’t ‘butt in’ while your having a conference with the boss!

Check out this hilarious video:

Kicillof con Rial y la gata sorpresa

Posted by MPQuatro Radio Online on Thursday, 9 April 2020