Pinay Reporter’s Cats Fight at the Background While She’s Doing Live Report

These days, a lot of people work from home – even reporters do their work from home and simply launch live videos to do report. But a Pinay reporter’s cats stole the show as they fought in the background, catching their human mom off guard and making her feel unsure of what to do next…

Doris Bigornia is a veteran in the newscasting field but as she does a live report amid the COVID-19 crisis, her two cats decided to give her viewers another kind of show.

The cats, later identified as Bella Luna and Nala, could be seen trading blows at the back while their mom is busy and unable to pull them apart.

Netizens watching the video are not even sure what Doris is being interviewed for or reporting about, because they were amused at the cat show behind her back. Bella Luna and Nala were really getting into that catfight like they were actually auditioning for a spot on Cat TV! Poor Doris also had a hard time concentrating on what she was supposed to do. LOL.

A lot of netizens were impressed, however, that Doris did not break up the catfight before returning to her report. How could she still keep her calm despite what was happening at her back, huh? But that is probably due to her long experience as a journalist.

If she can report with a straight face, without fear, amid calamities and wars, surely a catfight by her own pets isn’t such a big deal after all!

Doris and the fighting cats ?? on DZMM Teleradyo! This is just funny! LOL.Video: Nikki Bigornia

Posted by Raymon Garcia Dullana on Friday, 15 May 2020

I’d give my right arm to see what happened just after this clip was ended. What’d she do? What’d the CATS do?” a netizen commented.

Even Doris had a good laugh over the video afterward. She reposted the video with a rather timely caption:

CHILDREN!!!! May batas sa studio!!!! ???