Pregnant Stray Cat Gets ‘Adopted’ by Kind Pitbull Who Gives Her the Doghouse

Everyone knows that dogs and cats don’t get along well; yet there are also many that actually do – and it’s the sweetest thing!

Just like a kind pitbull who ‘adopted’ a pregnant stray cat and even given here his doghouse so she can have a home for her babies. What a cutie…

Juan José P Flores has a pitbull named Hades. But don’t get scared by his name and his breed because Hades is such a softie! One day, the dog made such noise at the back door, as if he was scared of something that Juan José had to run outside to check what was happening.

But it was really just Hades trying to get his attention so he would check out the pregnant stray cat he ‘adopted’. The pitbull appears so proud of himself over the good deed he has done that his human could not help but laugh at his antics.

Juan José said that Hades stood guard outside the doghouse for the cat until she finally gave birth to her sweet kittens. Then, Hades also ‘adopted’ the kittens, standing guard like he’s their dad. Juan José has a feeling that Hades might actually think he’s the dad of these tiny kittens – and he did not have the heart to tell his dog that they’re a different species! LOL.

He has no idea how the cat met Hades and how she ‘convinced’ him to let her stay in his doghouse, but Juan José said that his dog does not appear to mind at all. He’s content sleeping outside as he sweetly guards the cat family inside.

Juan José and his family eventually named the cat Nicol. They’re thinking of letting the cat family stay for a couple of weeks before bringing them to the animal rescue center, but Juan José thinks Hades might not agree with that idea…

Image credits: Juan José P Flores / Facebook