Pregnant Cat Gets Rescued, Adopts Two More Kittens at Rescue Center

A pregnant cat gets rescued and soon gave birth to her own litter. But this new mom with a big heart couldn’t resist adopting two more kittens that were brought to the rescue center.

Isn’t that sweet?

Pregnant Cat Adopts Two Kittens

They say that raising a big family can be a huge challenge, but does that also apply to animals?

Well, that doesn’t seem to be an issue for one pregnant mama cat who readily took in two more kittens to her fold, even right after giving birth to her own little kittens.

When the Best Friends Felines received news of a heavily pregnant cat that needed to be rescued, they didn’t hesitate to help out.

But according to Kerry, one of the shelter’s volunteers, by the time they found the cat, it had already given birth to two kittens.

Kerry felt her tummy and thought she was done birthing. So, they bundled her up along with her new babies and brought her to the center’s maternity suite.

The rescue center named her Jewel.

The cat seemed pleased with the arrangement, especially because the rescue center offered her an “all-you-can-eat buffet.”

But when Kerry checked on the little family the following day, a third kitten had been birthed that night!

Just a few days later, the rescue center received news from a local vet that they have two kittens that desperately need a mom. Apparently, the kittens were diagnosed with “failure to thrive” because they couldn’t get enough milk from their mom.

Their mama was just a young girl who had six babies. Four were doing okay, but she just didn’t have enough milk to give such a large litter,” Kerry explained.

Now, many animal mamas are willing to sacrifice their lives for their children, but a lot don’t also accept babies from other animals.

The rescue center was unsure how Jewel would react, yet it was never an issue for this loving feline. She immediately accepted these two kittens in a heartbeat.

The poor kittens were already 4 weeks old, yet they were as small as Jewel’s 1-week-old kittens.

Thanks to Jewel’s big love, the kittens lived and were able to catch up with their adoptive siblings’ weight.

Source: Love Meow