Rescue Cat Delivers Miracle Kitten, Helps Comfort another Stray Kitten

Some people might say that animals don’t have feelings, but a rescue cat delivers her miracle kitten and also helps comfort another stray kitten – and that made the rescue center staff believe in unconditional love, even with animals.

Rescue Cat Becomes Wonderful Mom

Love exists even in animals – and that’s proven by a cat mama who struggled to raise her miracle kitten while also adopting a stray kitten.

Savannah was rescued and brought to Be Their Voice Animal Rescue located in Atlanta, GA, when she was super sick. Malnourished and just skin and bones, the cat was struggling with a host of health issues.

On top of that, she was heavily pregnant.

Cat Delivers Miracle Kitten
Be Their Voice Animal Rescue

The rescue center’s chief operating officer, Aimee Eldridge, explained that they were unsure how far along the cat was, but they hoped they could help her be healthier before she gives birth.

However, this mama cat was already near her due date. Just two days later, she delivered her kittens – and all were malnourished like she was.

Despite struggling with breathing issues, this mama cat held on and tried her best to take care of her litter of five tiny kittens.

While most animals don’t really require medical treatment at labor, Savannah had to stay at the pet hospital because she was too frail.

Rescue Cat Becomes Wonderful Mom
Be Their Voice Animal Rescue

Sadly, although she tried her best to take care of her new babies, their health took a turn for worse the following day.

At first, the rescue center tried to separate her from her kittens so she can rest. But this mama cat refused to eat without them.

She only gulped a can of cat food when she was reunited with them.

Despite the best care the kittens received from the vet and the rescue center, only one survived. The center named him Tybee, meaning tabby kitten.

Savannah and Tybee were inseparable. It was as if this mama refuses to let her son get out of her sight in fear of losing him as well.

Because Savannah was too malnourished, she didn’t produce milk. But she doted on her surviving kitten while the rescue center tended to his needs.

Mothering a Stray Kitten

What’s cute is that when the center received a rescue kitten just about a week later, Savannah immediately took him in. The kitten was also in bad shape and had its eyes closed, but Savannah also helped nurse him back to life in her own way.

Mothering a Stray Kitten
Be Their Voice Animal Rescue

As soon as Savannah heard this kitten squeak, she was frantic to get to him. It’s as though she needed that baby,” Eldridge said.

Source: Be Their Voice Animal Rescue / Love Meow