Rescued Stray Kittens Find Love from Family’s Deaf Dog

Two stray kittens rescued from a shelter find love from the family’s deaf dog as it accepted them without questions and loved them like his own babies. Isn’t that so sweet?

Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles had rescued the kittens from the streets after someone called the shelter for help. The rescue center did not hesitate to take them in, then found the perfect home where they could receive lots of love.

Stray Kittens Find Love

They were quite sick but the sweetest little guys. James is the white and grey kitten and Jacobi is the orange tabby,” explained a representative from Alley Cat Rescue.

Believed to be brothers, the two are inseparable. While sick, they sought each other’s company. It’s as if they were afraid that they would lose each other, just like they lost their mother.

But even when they recovered, they would spend their time together. They were never far from each and would usually purr when the other is out of sight. It’s a sweet bond that they would soon share with their adoptive family’s dog, a 5-year-old deaf dog named Pickles.

Also coming from the rescue center, Pickles understands how it feels to be alone and unloved. So, he made it a point show love to these little kittens.

When the two babies first arrived, Pickles greeted them warmly – and the two peacefully slept by his side. Whether awake or asleep, the three enjoy time with each other. The kittens also seem to understand that they have found family in Pickles.

As kittens, the two have become quite mischievous and would go around exploring the house. But when their energy is low, they know exactly where to go – back into Pickles’ loving paws, of course!

We are so happy these two sweet cuddly boys get to spend the rest of their lives together in a wonderful home,” the Alley Cat Rescue wrote.