Security Cam Catches Bored Cat Bringing Neighbor’s Laundry Home

A cat named Admiral Galacticat had always been content with staying at home. Before the COVID-19 crisis, Admiral had never really stepped out of their house to explore the neighborhood. He simply loves to relax at home.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, however, his human mom and his cat brother are always at home. This brought a lot of problems to the territorial cat who had always been left at home by himself. Having so many others around got the cat feeling rather cagey.

Admiral’s quiet naps were rudely interrupted no sooner than they started by the shrieks and yells of his unyielding big brother. He wanted out. He would wait by the door and try to sneak by my feet before I realized,” explained Admiral’s human mom, Heather Bardi.

To help expend his energy, Heather bought a leash so she could take Admiral outside for a walk. The cat enjoyed the outdoor so much that it chose to remain out.

I think I was the one who needed to be eased into it and not Admiral. Now he lounges around out front and watches the cars drive by,” Heather said.

Some weeks later, however, Heather was surprised to find a tank top and a pair of Nike socks on her porch. At first, she thought that some drunk person left it there. But as more clean laundry showed up on her porch in the coming days, she started to doubt that some person is just leaving the items there.

Once more items started showing up, I thought to grab the shirt and sock out of the trash in case they are from a person playing a prank on me and I wanted all of the evidence together,” she explained.

Curious about the culprit, Heather set up a makeshift security camera. Imagine her surprise when Admiral shows up, carrying the pieces of clothing! Uh-oh.

So, Heather had to put up a cardboard sign at the pole outside her house. But no one claimed the clothes, so shared the pictures on Facebook. As the post went viral, Heather was finally able to connect with the owner of the clothes.

We all laughed about the whole situation and how we were shocked that it had garnered so much attention. It was definitely the weirdest way to meet the neighbors,” Heather shared.

It turned out the cat had been taking clothes from the next-door apartment’s shared laundry room.

He still to this day has been coming home with more laundry, though I don’t know why I expected it to stop. He seems to either enjoy bringing me presents, or he is just being a rebellious 4-year-old,” Heather added.

I guess I should have seen this coming. Though I could never have imagined the lengths he went to get all this random laundry.