Alert Siamese Cat saves baby from falling off the stairs

siamese cat saves baby from falling
Siamese cat that saves baby

This cat’s name is Gatubela which translates to “Catwoman” in Spanish. And she just lived up to her name when she recently saved a toddler from tumbling down the stairs. This superhero cat was caught on CCTV doing the heroic act.

Cat claws

It was one normal day in Samuel Leon’s home – until it was not. An obvious tragedy was stopped by a simple action from the alert family cat. This little human was playing in what looks like their living room when he suddenly had the urge to explore. He got bored and started crawling away from the crib.

He was crawling away towards the stairway and Gatubela instantly sensed danger and sprung into action. She immediately jumped in front of Samuel to keep him from proceeding any further.

She began clawing and pouncing the baby – not to hurt him of course! But to make him back up and not fall off the stairs. This seemed to work and the baby stopped crawling and backed up a little.

What a superhero indeed!

Tragedy averted

The CCTV footage from the house showed how the 1-year-old boy and the family’s cat are just playing gently in their house in Bogota, Colombia.

In a photo, the steep stairway can be seen and it’s quite obvious that the Siamese cat had just averted what could have been a disaster.

Cat’s are heroes

In a similar story, a cat named Smudge has also saved his 5-year-old owner when bullies tried to approach the kid.

Smudge then pounced and clawed the bullies’ chest, sending them crying as they ran off.

This just goes to show that cats are adorable pets. You get a cuddly pet that is always ready to show its claws the moment they feel someone threatens their owners.