Smart Cats React to Cat Filter, Know Exactly Where to Check

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Screenshot: Ladbible

Cats are smart – a lot of cat owners will tell you that. But you’ll be amazed at just how smart cats can be in this video shared by LAD Bible as cats knew exactly where to check when their owners suddenly turned into cats on the screen. Wow.

And while some dog owners might say that cats are no fun at all, that’s not true because cats are amazing! Not only can they do some things that dogs can, such as playing fetch, they can also do amazing stuff on their own.

In the video shared by LAD Bible, cats impressed many people with their ability to process where exactly their humans are, how they look, and the screen image that turned these humans into cats.

Screenshot: Ladbible

And while many cats appear to not care about what their humans are doing, it seems that they are more observant that we think.

The cats featured in the video were just cuddling with their humans and they appear to recognize their owner’s face on the cellphone screen.

As their humans turn into cats using the cat filter, these amazing cats appear visibly confused! In the video, their eyes actually widen in disbelief, in the same manner than people would react when they are surprised.

Although the cats were different, they reacted in the same manner. After the initial surprise of seeing their human’s face change into a cat on the cellphone screen, the cats all turned to look at the human’s face to check whether it actually changed. All the cats even made double checks, looking at the screen again then their human’s face.

Screenshot: Ladbible

I am more impressed that they are able to deduce that their owners face changed and check in person so quickly,” one netizen commented.

U mean, cats know that its selfie and their image!!?” a skeptical netizen asked.

These are some smart cats. Every cat I’ve ever had has looked at mirrors and had Zero reaction to them, much less recognition and confusion,” another commented.

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Screenshot: Ladbible

Others also tried using the same app on their cats, but their cats didn’t care at all. LOL.

Here’s the video of the Smart Cats React to Cat Filter:

Cats Don't Know How To Feel About New Filter

Cats don't quite know how to feel about this new filter ??

Posted by LADbible on Saturday, 16 November 2019