Store Goes Viral for Letting Stray Cats Have ‘Eat-All-You-Can’ Meal from Their Goods

A store goes viral for letting stray cats have an “eat-all-you-can” meal from the goods they’re selling – and many are saying these cats are so lucky! But others are also concerned about hygiene…

Store Offers ‘Eat-All-You-Can’ Meals for Stray Cats

A lot of stray animals don’t get to eat enough meals a day, similar to what homeless people might experience in the streets.

So, imagine netizens’ surprise upon seeing a group of cats having their fill of cat food and other goods being sold from a store – and the owner doesn’t appear to be bothered by it all!

Store Offers ‘Eat-All-You-Can’ Meals for Stray Cats
Ericmhar Lopez / CATS & KITTENS Philippines

Ericmhar Lopez, the store owner, even posts photos of these cats on the Facebook group CATS & KITTENS Philippines.

Apparently, this store owner is an animal lover and enjoys letting these stray cats eat their fill of the cat food they’re selling.

He even posts photos of animals falling asleep on the sacks because they are already full and feeling lazy.

Ericmhar Lopez / CATS & KITTENS Philippines

Many netizens are laughing over the photos and saying that these lucky cats are having a ‘mukbang’ (a term used by vloggers who eat a lot of food on camera).

Lopez also posted some photos of the other cats that their regular cat ‘customers’ bring back to the store the next time they feel hungry.

Hygiene and Safety Concerns

While a lot of people praised Lopez for what he’s doing for these animals, there are also many netizens who expressed concern over the safety of doing this.

Many said that it makes them worry that these stray cats might spread viruses and various illnesses to other cats because the unsuspecting owners buy cat food from this store.

Ericmhar Lopez / CATS & KITTENS Philippines

Others suggested that the store owner should allocate separate space for these stray animals to eat so that the cat foods in the sacks don’t get contaminated.

Lopez explained that they do have containers for the stray cats to feed on, but they seem to be happier eating right from the sacks.

He and other netizens suggested that the sensitive or worried pet owners buy a sealed sack so they won’t have to worry about contamination because others are fine with the setup.

Source: Ericmhar Lopez / CATS & KITTENS Philippines