Woman Documents Stray Cat’s Adorable ‘Invasion’ of Their Home

Woman Documents Stray Cat’s Adorable ‘Invasion’ of Their Home

A stray cat kept on visiting a woman’s house. She named him Kevin. After weeks of the cat being such an adorable ‘intruder’ at their home, she brings him to the vet. But she would soon receive some really surprising news: Kevin is actually a girl – and she’s heavily pregnant! Whoa.

Erin Breean from Austin, Texas, documents the cat’s adorable ‘invasion’ of their home, starting with daily visits wherein the cat would practically beg for their attention. Erin and her partner, Landon, later decided to name the cat as Kevin.

Being an animal lover, Erin did not mind having Kevin around. The cat is so playful and seems to enjoy making them smile. It would sometimes sleep while sitting down, just resting its head on something such as the leg of a table.

Kevin has been visiting their home since mid-March, Erin said.

During this process, my boyfriend Landon named him (her) Kevin. We would sit out on the patio with her for an hour or two every evening, she would roll around on her back for belly rubs but was really skittish and didn’t want us petting her. She would chase after us if we would get up and walk away, though,” Erin explained.

Eventually, the cat would make its way inside their home and spend hours there. It’s as if it declared that the house is already his, well, hers!

She took a few laps around my office and laid down in the hallway like, ‘This is my house now’. I closed my office door, put her in our bathroom, and found a vet that would see us the next day to see if she was chipped. She wasn’t, and that’s when we found out that she was a girl and pregnant,” she added.

Now, that’s definitely a surprise, huh?

The couple actually own a dog, Murphy. They were concerned that the two might be fighting like, well, cats and dogs! But Kevin also won Murphy over and the two became the best of friends.

She was clearly taking advantage of the situation by now,” Erin joked as she shared a photo of Murphy and Kevin just hanging out.

Kevin would have four kittens some days later. Erin and Landon are planning to bring them to the animal shelter when they get bigger, but Kevin stays with them, of course.

The couple have also tried to track down Kevin’s real owners, but the cat appears to enjoy living at their place and looks like she’s not in a hurry to go back home. Perhaps, she really was a stray cat before finding their home… What’s for sure, though, is that the couple had fallen in love with their momma cat, Kevin.