Stray Kitten Finds Forever Home with Family and Their Dogs

A newborn stray kitten finds help from a kind family who rescued him from his sad plight.

But what’s really cute is that the kitten loves to cuddle with the family’s dogs and refuses to let go of his new family – even if they are all dogs and he is the only cat around…

Stray Kitten Finds Loving Home with Family and Their Dogs, Refuses to Leave

The kitten was still a few days old when he was rescued by someone who did not have any idea how to raise kittens in a town in Florida.

Knowing the tiny kitten would be better off with someone who knows how to care for it, this person posted pictures of the animal on social media to offer it for adoption.

Beth Walden and her daughter decided to adopt the kitten after seeing the post.

Though they are unsure how their dogs would react since this would be their first cat.

With the kitten being so tiny, they were also not sure whether it wouldn’t try to run away from home in fear of the dogs.

But their fears were unfounded. As soon as the kitten arrived at their home, the dogs welcomed him like their new baby!

The kitten felt the love and quickly cuddled with the dogs. Refuses to let go of his new family, even if they are all dogs!

The family called him Mr. Tiny Pants.

While he was in rather bad shape when he first arrived, Mr. Tiny Pants soon grew to be a healthy, playful little kitten.

Thanks to the TLC it receives from the humans and dogs in his family.

The first week, it seemed like if he wasn’t sleeping, he was meowing. I felt like he was looking for his mom and siblings,” Beth narrated.

While the family had plenty of dogs, it was Salvador who designated himself as the personal bodyguard and cuddles buddy for Mr. Tiny Pants.

The two are inseparable.

Though he’s much smaller than the dogs in the house, Mr. Tiny Pants is not afraid of them at all.

In fact, he makes up for his lack in size with his energy and personality. The dogs are having difficulty keeping up with his antics!