Street Kid Buys Milk for Stray Cat, Even If He Hadn’t Eaten Anything Yet

It is said that the poor are more generous because they know exactly how it feels to have nothing – and that’s exactly what one kid had gone viral for, as he bought milk for a stray cat even if he had not eaten anything yet.

Smiling at the man taking his video, the street kid proudly shows the cat sipping milk inside a cut-out barrel. The adorable boy feels so happy and proud of what he had done. Inside the barrel, the cat could be seen slurping at its milk with much gusto. It probably had not eaten something for a long time and the milk might be such a sweet treat.

Street Kid Buys Milk for Stray Cat

But the man was rather concerned to learn that the boy had purchased the milk for stray cat, yet he had not eaten anything yet. When asked, the boy admitted that he spent 20 rupees ($0.26) on the milk. While that is not much, the money might have actually been the kid’s only money. Yet he chose to use it for the cat, not for his own.

Milk for Stray Cat

The man asked when did the kid last eat. The latter replied that he had eaten already, but reluctantly admitted that he had eaten breakfast but not lunch – and it was already lunchtime. When asked whether he was hungry, the boy said he wasn’t because he would rather use the money to feed the cat! Wow.

Taking pity on the kid but also admiring his generosity to the cat even if he had to go hungry himself, the man offered to buy the kid a meal. While the video cuts there without showing what food the man bought for the kid, many netizens were happy that this boy might be poor but he had a rich heart. The video would quickly go viral.

Check out this video. It’s sure to make you smile and melt your heart…

Poor by appearance, rich by heart! ❤️??

Posted by Cat Paradise on Friday, 3 April 2020

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