Truck Drivers Cries As He Gets Reunited With His Cat He Lost For 5 Months

truck driver cries (1)

Losing a cat, in most cases is as painful (or even more) than losing a loved one. There are people who have no one but their pets for a companion in their daily lives, that’s why losing their pet can mean a significant loss and adjustment for them.

This is what happened to a truck driver when he lost his pet cat while on the road.

Unfortunate trip

Ashes, a black ashy cat, and his human, Matthew B have spent the last couple of years traveling across America in Matthew’s 18-wheeler truck.

The two love each other and practically are inseparable until disaster struck last July.

At one of Matthew’s stops in Springfield, Ohio, Ashes was able to go out of the truck to roam but when he went back, Matthew was no longer there.

Matthew searched high and low and tried to delay his drive off to the latest possible time that he can. Unfortunately, Ashes still hasn’t come back when he already had to go.

Not losing hope

Over the next weeks, Matthew would rearrange his routes so he would pass by the place where he lost Ashes. They didn’t see each other again that way, but good news came five months after they got separated.

Meanwhile, a woman named Kimberley chances upon the malnourished and freezing Ashes. She called him Smokey and brought him to the animal welfare organization Lollypop Farm in Newport, New York.

The reunion

The shelter immediately checked for a microchip that the cat was not Smokey, but was indeed Ashes.

They called Matthew who once again rearranged his route so he could pass by the shelter and reunite with Ashes.

Matthew couldn’t help his tears when he finally got to hug Ashes. He was thankful Ashes has a microchip.

“It’s that microchip – without it, I wouldn’t have ever gotten him back. The women that found him saved his life, but the microchip brought him home.”