Adorable Twin Cats Refuse to Leave Each Other’s Side after Being Found in Farm

Twin Cats Refuse to Leave Each Other’s Side

While it has long been established that animals are not as intelligent or complex as humans, it has also been proven that they are still brilliant and could actually understand human speech and emotion to some degree.

There are also animals that appear to be more intelligent and empathic than others. Cats are like that. They are actually quite intelligent and empathic, though many owners would say that they are indifferent. That’s not the case for many.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a rescue group in Montreal, Canada, were called to a farm to rescue a litter of four kittens that are in poor shape. They were born in the farm but lost their mom shortly afterwards, leaving the helpless kittens in danger of losing their own lives as well.

Thankfully, the shelter was able to rescue them from the farm, with rescuers Marie and Nadia bringing them to safety.

But the poor kittens longed for their mommy. Even if they received medical attention at the shelter, they were all doing poorly and had a difficult time eating. It would take many days before the kittens would be well.

Throughout the treatment, the volunteers noticed that two kittens that look so much alike would refuse to leave each other’s side. They dubbed the two as ‘twins’ despite the four kittens coming from the same litter.

These ‘twins’ were inseparable and would be in great distress when they don’t see the other. When together, they appear to do everything in synchrony and would imitate each so much that they share the same likes, dislikes, and personality. Of course, they still have some slight differences – even human identical twins have that!

Brioche (the tuxedo) has longer hair than her twin sister (Choukett). Choukett is a skilled climber and she absolutely loves cat trees. Brioche (with long ear tufts) is the most affectionate of all. She likes to sleep in the crook of our necks and is a sweet-natured cat just like her sister,” Celine shared.

Their human foster parents realized that it would be so sad to put these two in separate homes, thus, they were offered together whenever prospective human parents arrived to find kittens to adopt. Thankfully, a family fell in love with the two and grew fond of their sweet story. Brioche and Choukett were adopted together. Isn’t that awesome?