Two Kittens Snuggled Their Way To The Heart Of A Police Officer Responding To A Shoplifting Incident

two kittens with police

It was just an ordinary day for Police officers Hillard and Adkins. They just came from investigating a shoplifting incident at a local store when they passed by a woman asking for their help.

Scared but not hurt

The woman told the police officer about the kittens stuck in her bumper.

rescue kitten with police

The two officers were happy to be of assistance and got down to rescue the kittens.

kitten rescued by police

The pair were meowing loudly but didn’t seem to be hurt.

happy police to rescue a kitten

Cuddly pair

Adkins decided to bring the two kitties to the vet, given their size, they were obviously young and in need of medical attention. On the way to the vet, the pair wouldn’t stop cuddling Adkins.

kitten with the police inside the car

Enough to crawl their way into his soft heart.

At the vet, Adkins learned that the pair is just 6 weeks old. By now the pair had already grown so much on Adkins that he didn’t think of giving them up.

Besides, they won’t even let go of him as they continue to snuggle.

The vet assured Adkins that they are healthy and Adkins is free to take them home.

Taking home trophy

Just recently, Adkins was awarded a prestigious award for his service to the Arlington Police Department.

police gets his award

He took home the South District Officer of the Year award and was able to bring an elegant trophy.

But this elegant trophy is nothing compared to the snuggly pair of kittens that he allowed to crawl and capture his heart.

Genius names

Adkins took the pair home and they are now safe and happy living with his own family.

two kitten with a new home

They even had a great idea in naming the pair: TJ and Max

two kittens happy

Because guess what, the local store that he was investigating when he ran into the lady asking for help is TJ Maxx!

(Not the actual store.)

What a great story!

Source: Just Something