Wild Stray Cat Wanders Home, Finds Loving New Family

A wild stray cat has been so used to living in the streets and fending for itself that when it wandered into a home in the neighborhood to give birth to its new kittens, it was too scared to let anyone close. But over time, it learned to warm up to the loving new family and eventually became a docile animal.

Wild Stray Cat

It was early this year that this wild stray tabby entered the home of a family at an apartment complex in Seattle, Washington. The family did not drive it away as they had taken pity of the obviously pregnant cat. They had seen it wandering around the apartment complex for weeks and had sometimes given it food.

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The cat whom they later named as Moira must have felt secured in the home as it would pick it out of all the apartments in complex.

After entering their apartment, Moira found a spot to settle in, leaving the family amused. But they would soon be surprised because Moira gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens just about an hour later!

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With no knowledge about raising cats, the family called an animal rescue center for help. Ashley Morrison arrived but the cat was so unused to human contact that it began to get wild and tried climbing walls. It was hissing and spatting, with no plans of letting Ashley or even the family get close.

The cat was so panicked that Ashley advised the family to let it settle first. If anyone came close, it would try to escape.

Ashley thought of a different tactic. She asked permission to stay in the house for days. She spent those days in the same room, talking soothing words to the cat and inching closer to its spot. It would take several weeks before Moira finally put her guard down.

The cat allowed Ashley to give it head scratches and pets. It began to warm up to Ashley as she replaces the blanket every few days. Eventually, the wild stray cat became so docile that it made its way to Ashley’s lap and would settle for a cuddle!

Thanks to Ashley’s patience, Moira is no longer a wild stray. She loves cuddles and had also befriended the family.

There is nothing I love more than seeing a former outdoor cat start to enjoy indoor cat luxuries,” Ashley said. “Moira and her kittens are the lucky ones. They are inside, warm, loved and thriving. And Moira will never live outside again.

When they were ready to be rehomed, Moira and the kittens didn’t scratch and scream. They were able to find a forever home where they will also be loved…