Woman Couldn’t Find Lost Cat for Days Finds It After Asking Stray Cat for Help

Cats are so much smarter than we think! While they appear to be indifferent simply ignore us all day long, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that they understand people more than they let on.

Some netizens even joke that cats are reincarnation of gods. That’s why they seem so wise, but they don’t really mind what humans do all day…

One woman in Taiwan, YiFen Tan, lost her 13-year-old orange tabby named Lulu. While Lulu is just a cat, YiFen treats her like her own child and best friend. So, when the cat got lost, YiFen was quite devastated.

Although the cat is old, YiFen knew it is still alive somewhere and might have just gotten lost after following a stranger. According to YiFen, Lulu is so friendly and loves to follow people around. Thus, she must have gotten lost after following one somewhere.

She loves Lulu so much that YiFen even filed a police report, in hopes that the cops could help her find the cat. She also printed various flyers and posted about the lost cat on social media. But she still couldn’t find the cat even after weeks of trying.

Every day, she would go out and bring a can of food to look for Lulu. But no one had seen her cat. She no longer knew what to do.

After weeks of searching, YiFen has gotten so desperate about looking for Lulu that when she found a black stray cat staring at her intently from an alley at around 11 PM one night, she had the crazy urge to talk to it and ask for help. Laughing to herself, YiFen talked to the stray cat, showing it the picture of her beloved Lulu. Then, she rattled the can of cat food to tell the stray cat this would be his reward.

The black cat appeared to understand what she was saying. As it walked away, it kept on turning around to check if she was following!

YiFen hurried to follow the cat and was led several blocks away until they reached a parking lot some 500m away from where she met the stray cat. There, sleeping soundly at a space between a car and parking lot wall is Lulu! Wow. There was another black cat with Lulu – and Yifen gave them all the food she was bringing.

Lulu was also quite happy to see her and readily went back home with her but when she tried bringing the two black cats, they refused to follow her. YiFen now thinks these black cats are the ‘guardians’ of the streets.

With Lulu safely back home, YiFen would sometimes go back to the parking lot to leave some food for the kind cats who ‘adopted’ her Lulu and helped her find the beloved kitty…