This Woman’s Cats Look Like They Have Human Faces

Cats have a distinct face that make them look like, well, cats of course! But one woman in Russia has been breeding cats that have odd faces: they look like humans! Weird, eh?

Tatyana Rastorgueva loves cats; there is no question about that. She particularly enjoys breeding Maine Coon cats for their gorgeous looks. Plus, Maine Coon cats are in demand, particularly from customers who simply love the breed’s grand appearance.

But Tatyana’s cats are much different from the others in that they actually appear to have human-like faces! Some netizens think that her cats are rather creepy but for Tatyana, they are all so sweet and gorgeous.

The cat breeder has been doing this job since 2002 – and has become adept at choosing how her cats would look like through selective breeding.

Her brood of Maine Coon cats began with the breeding father cat Vatican and the mother cat Lucien. Due to the humanlike faces of both Vatican and Lucien, it is no longer a puzzle that their children would also look like they have human faces.

But some netizens said they could not see the human face in these cats. Instead, they likened the Maine Coon cats to medium-sized or big wild cats like the lynx, particularly because Vatican has upright ears that look so similar to the beautiful medium-sized cat. What do you think?

I really love animals, cats have always been a part of my life. But I began to professionally breed cats in 2002, I have been working directly with Maine Coons since 2004. I like what I do, I can say that cats are my calling,” explained Tatyana.

Each breeder has his own vision of the breed and selects individuals for further selection according to those traits that are important to him. I can say that while working with the breed, I focused on the type of Maine Coon that I like, that’s why I now have a recognizable “face” type of kittens in my nursery.”

She admits that the work is long and painstaking work but the results are well worth the efforts.

Maine Coons captured my heart completely,” Tatyana added.