Yoda, A Cat Two Sets Of Ears Captures People’s Hearts

Over a decade ago, a unique feline surfaced and made rounds in the news outlets. Just this year, it resurfaced and it still got the attention of the people of the internet.

Jedi Knight

Meet Yoda. No, not the Jedi with pointy ears in the Star Wars franchise, but a cat named after him.


Yoda was born with what was believed as a genetic mutation causing him to have an extra pair of ears right behind his main ones.

Yoda 2

The extra ears he has been believed to not able to hear as they are not attached to the skull and therefore are just a cause of a genetic mutation and not at all out-of-this-world-weird.

Love at first sight

Owners Valerie and Ted Rock first saw Yoda in a pub near their home on the south side of Chicago.

The cat was being passed around by curious drinkers.

Yoda 3

The couple fell in love instantly the moment they saw the cat that took the attention of the pub.

They asked the owner of the pub if they can take him home.

Yoda 4

It turned out that Yoda was a part of a big litter that the owner is looking to give away.

The cats are waiting for someone to adopt and, and lucky for Yoda, he got adopted right then and there.

Yoda 5

‘We were at a pub on the south side of Chicago with a group of friends when we noticed a small cage sitting on the bar and people passing around a kitten.

‘He had been part of a large litter and the owners were looking to find a home for him.

‘Ted and I had just lost a cat that was our pet for over 20 years, and we were sure we were done with cats.

‘When he was passed around he reached for Ted, crawled up into the crook of his neck and fell asleep – Ted was a goner.

‘It was a done deal when the kitten made himself at home on Ted’s shoulder.

‘We decided to name him Yoda. I understand the Star Wars character was based on George Lucas’ cat.’

Source: Twisted Sifter